Discover nicaragua's best surf
spots in the Popoyo area

Popoyo surf break

  • 10 min walk from TwoTen°

Popoyo is one of the best surf spots in Nicaragua. Popoyo basically works at all tides, most days of the year. You can see the beautiful A-frame from your terrace. 


Beginner's Bay / Magnific rock

  • 25 min walk from TwoTen°

Learn to surf! By passing the Popoyo break, you will arrive at the so called “Beginner’s Bay” or “Magnific Rock”. Here you will find a left-hand point break and a left- and right-hand beach-break. The waves are usually soft and crumbling – perfect for entering your surf career. 

We are also happy to help you book a surf class with an experienced surf instructor, who will teach you to surf the best waves in the area. 

Lance's Left & Playground

  • By boat

If you want to surf even more incredible waves, book a boat trip to Lance’s Left and/or Playground. Lance’s Left is is a relaxed left-hand point break that offers long rides. Awesome for surfing a longboard.

Playground is an A-frame, but works mostly as a left-hander. Enjoy long rides with a bit of a punch. 

your home surf break

  • 1 min walk - right in front of TwoTen°

When the beach break in front of your door step is on… it’s on! Punchy lefts and rights, nice barrels, fun fun fun! Usually works best around high tide on a small swell. 

Bring your own surfboard or rent one at the surf shop and enjoy the best surf in Popoyo.